Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dental Flossing

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As a Melbourne Dentist I just examined a new patient and asked her how she was referred to our office. She told me there were over 500 dentists in the  insurance book to pick from when she picked our office because we blog. She read my profile and liked reading my blog. I told her I was running out of things to write about ,and she asked me to write about flossing. So here we go. 

http://www.redmondmolloy.ie/Portals/73112/images/flossing1.jpgYou should floss every time you brush your teeth. Flossing removes the bacteria that are at the contact points of your teeth. This is the area that can not be reached with regular brushing. Brushing will not disrupt the bacteria at the contact point. When you floss you should make a "C" shape with the floss as you go through the contact and then slide down the tooth making a up and down motion. Using your hands is the best way to do this. I have big hands and trust me I can do the whole mouth properly and it only takes two minutes. You have to give it some practice. If you have a disability you can always use a floss aide like the "Humming Bird" or the reach flosser. These can be bought easily at your local drug store. You can now buy floss with whitener on the floss as well to get those areas white that the bleach does not reach. 

Flossing at bed is the most important. I have patients tell me that they do it waiting at a red light or they like doing it in the shower. Doing it any time is great for you overall health. Keeping down the plaque bacteria is good for your heart as well.

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