Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Is Everyone Suitable for Dental Implants?

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Modern techniques have made it possible for nearly everyone who is missing teeth to qualify as a candidate for dental implant treatment.

The determining factors are a sufficient amount of quality bone, good oral hygiene and generally good health. Age is not a limitation for implant treatment provided the individual is healthy. The healing process may take longer with advancing biological age and this is pertinent with respect to the patient’s mental well being and physical fitness. Prior to implant treatment, the remaining teeth and gums need to be healthy and as already discussed regular hygiene and check-up appointments are important for long-term success.

In patients who have already lost significant amounts of bone then simple and predictable bone grafting procedures are available to replace such lost bone. These procedures may involve the use of an artificial bone graft or the use of the patient’s own bone. This is dependent on the size, type and position of the bone loss (bone defect).

Your implantologist will advise you if these procedures are required and the type of procedure that will be performed. This will also be included in your consent letter (as preciously stated this is provided before treatment is commenced).

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