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Coffee - reducing the risk of oral cancer

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Studies have shown that coffee may receive dental care in reducing the risk of developing cavities. Now there’s even more good news for java junkies. The researchers found that drinking too much coffee actually reduces the risk of cancer of the mouth and throat. results highlighted in WebMD, people who drink more than four doses of coffee a day are almost 40% lower probability of contracting cancer of the mouth or throat, compared with people who do not drink coffee. For those who drank less than five cups of coffee per day, the level of protection was reduced to 4% less likely to be significant in the mouth and throat cancer for every cup of coffee consumed per day. Protection for oral and pharyngeal cancer was evident, but the protection against cancer of the larynx was not.
protective effect of coffee has been shown to remain intact, even for smokers and drinkers, although tobacco and alcohol are associated with cancer of head and neck. Furthermore, the protective effect did not show an increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, which are also known to protect against cancers of the head and neck.

Researchers at the University of Milan arrived at these results, when analyzed 5139 new studies comparing people with head and neck cancer in 9028 people without cancer.
So, what ingredient in coffee is responsible for reducing the risk of oral cancer? The study rejected the caffeine as a likely possibility, because drinking tea, even in large quantities, not protection.

The researchers noted that coffee contains hundreds of chemicals. Of these, cafestol and have anti-cancer. However, future studies should determine more decisively whether these chemicals actually protect against cancer in humans.

Previous studies have established Trigonelline Wired magazine, an alkaloid found in coffee as an agent for preventing dental caries. While the ingredient is known to give a flavor of coffee, he also tried to prevent the formation of craters on the teeth, preventing tooth decay-causing bacteria Streptococcus drilling teeth.

The American Dental Association reminds us that coffee can not only create optimal oral health. Actually, too much coffee can stain teeth. The ADA recommends that traditional dental care includes brushing twice a day, flossing daily, eating a balanced diet and visiting your dentist regularly.

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