Sunday, February 6, 2011

How Young for Tooth Whitening?

Source : Melbourne Dentist

Dentists and parents are becoming increasingly concerned about the use of teeth whitening products by children as young as 7-10.  Children are attracted to the Chiclet-like incredible white teeth they see with celeberties like Cameron Diaz and Britney Spears.  Dentists are now calling the effect "toilet bowl teeth" since the teeth are so white - they resemble toilet bowl porcelain. 

At the Chicago Dental Society - a recent professionals convention - over 40% were concerned over "too white smiles" especially with children.  Signs of issues can include inflamed gums; sensitivity / pain; or a blue / grey effect around the edges of teeth.  Parents should carefully consider tooth whitening for kids, especially how much they use of the tooth whitening products.  Moderate use can be reasonable - but over-use is the issue.  On average - over 60% of people who use teeth whitening products experience some gum irritation or sensitivty pain.

Tooth whitening is a great advance to keep you looking beautiful, but there is a line of reasonablity with our children.  Are your kids whitening teeth-- thoughts from our communitiy?


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